Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dawning of a new day

December, Winter 2011, Amos Cotton is 33, Rupert is 32 and, Nita Rich is 27.

Amos lounges on the couch watching Nita clean up the kitchen. He's happy. Really happy. Things are going well between the two of them. Better than when they had first started dating.

He wasn't sure where their relationship would head when they started to see each other last winter. But it's now almost a year later and it's stronger than ever before.

That's why as soon as she finishes cleaning up he calls her over to him. "Babe," he says, taking her hands in his. "I think it's time that we stop playing games. I love you and you love me, so why not move in with me."

Nita give his hands a squeeze and smiles lovingly at him. Sh nods her head. "Yes, I will. I though you'd never ask." She finishes playfully hitting him on the arm.

Amos is so happy. So happy in fact that he starts to cry tears of joy. He can't believe that his love agreed to move in.

Nita pulls him into a hug. "It's okay, you don't have to cry."

He smiles into her hair. "I can't help it. You make me so happy."

Nita pulls back and wipes the few tears from Amos face away before leading him into their bedroom.

After their post move in coitus Nita rises from Amos' chest. He was content with laying there feeling her weight on top of him, so when she rises he opens his eyes.

"I didn't know how to tell you. Well, actually I was going to wait, but it seems like a good time right now." Amos only stares at her, still in awe at the fact that she agreed to move in with him. Nita takes his silence as a good sign and continues...

Dressed and hungry Nita exits the bedroom. She's giddy. She didn't know how Amos would take her news, so his overjoyed reaction was very unexpected. They are both happy, and now in some small way it feels like their lives together have officially started.

She hums to herself as she makes spaghetti. She's glad that she actually took Rupert's advice. Because if she hadn't she wouldn't be as sure as she is now that Amos is her One.

She knows now that she loves him. There's more to them than just toe curling great sex. There's love and trust between the two of them. Well, if you don't count the whole sleeping with Rupert. But that's one thing that Amos can never find out about.

"Sorry, but you'll have to get used to spaghetti until I learn something else to make." Nita is a horrible cook, pasta being the only thing she can make without burning or charring.

"It's okay. I happen to love pasta." Amos jokes. Good thing he's a good cook.

Rupert met this cute little blonde at Cafe Mode. Being the host to the place does have its advantages. After a bit of flirting while on the job he invites her back to his place after work.

When they got back to his place she told him that she was in her final year at college. Not that Rupert cared but he nodded his head. At least she was a college girl, use to partying and getting down with the fellas.

"How about you major in my anatomy?" Rupert says.

This takes the girl back. "Just what kind of girl do you think I am?" She asks.

Rupert is a bit put off himself. Her reaction wasn't what he was expecting. "Umm, the typical kind."

"What? The "typical" kind? And just what is that?" She demands.

"You know, the kind that wants me to rip her clothes of and have her screaming until she has no voice." Rupert replies.

College girl's eyes widen in shock. "Eww, no. I'm not some slut that jumps into be with every guy she meets."

Rupert feigns his apologies. "Let me call you a cab. I didn't mean to insult such a pretty girl like yourself." This causing the girl to smile a little and Rupert calls her the cab. If she wants Mr. Nice Guy, he'll give her that. But either way he has her locked in his sites. And one thing that is certain about Rupert Cotton, he always gets the girl.

News isn't good once Rupert enters the apartment. Sitting down to dinner Amos informs him that Nita is moving in with them. And not only that but the chick is having Amos' kid.

"Well, your egg is fried. But it's not like you were living the high life anyway. So I guess I should say congratulations. But don't let your domestic bliss get in my way."

"That's all you can say?"

Rupert shrugs. "Yeah. I'm still living the wonderful life of a bachelor. And I don't need your domestic-ness rubbing off on me or cramping my style."

The next morning Rupert finds Nita shooting hoops. He walks up behind her. "You and my brother huh? Can't help but wonder how long it's going to be until I have to peel you off of me." Nita snorts in amusement.

Rupert takes the ball and shots, making the shot. "Well, I guess you'll be waiting a long time. What happened between us was a mistake."

"Hmm, as I recall that mistake happened... what, three times that night." Rupert says with a smirk. Nita takes the ball and sinks her own basket. "Like I said. A mistake. I'm over you Rupert Cotton." She says this then walks away.

After changing back into her normal clothes a wave of nausea washes over Nita. She isn't sure if it's morning sickness starting or the thought of Rupert and the effects his words had on her. Just the thought of him touching her again makes her sick.

Rupert maybe an awesome lover but that's all. Sex is just sex for him, and there could never be anything between then other than sex. But Nita really regrets what she's done now.

Showered and clean Rupert calls a cab, he needs to get to his new building. Its his grand opening tonight and he wants to make sure everything is perfect.

Amos is sitting reading some book on parenting. Rupert smiles to himself, at least his brother is taking this baby thing seriously. Too bad he can't tell his brother what a slut he's involved with. Nita can't be trusted. Any chick who'd sleep with two brothers cannot be trusted.

Nita hasn't suffered from morning sickness yet, but she has been hungry as well as tired. So she's surprised to find Amos waiting for her as she's headed for a nap. He grabs her and places a kiss on her stomach. He's so excited about the tiny life that the created and is now growing inside of her.

The chaste kiss sends tingles through Nita's body. Obviously this pregnancy is already effecting her hormones. She doesn't speak as she pushes Amos down onto the bed. She tells him to strip as she strips down to her underwear.

Amos knows this is cheesy but he can't stop himself. Once they are finished he rushes over to his discarded pants and removed the box he's been carrying around since they broke up.

He drops to one knee. "I know we've been down this road before. But I'm 100% sure that this time it will be different." He finishes by opening the box.

Nita doesn't even answer him. she grabs the ring and places it on her ring finger. Amos stands up and she wraps her arms around him. "It's back were it belongs." She says before kissing him.


Rupert watches on of his "girls" do a final run before he opens the doors to the club. He hopes his gentleman's club takes off huge. But with girls who have moves like these, Rupert is sure that Silk Elegance will be a success.

And he was right. The local men are enjoying the grand opening. This was what was missing from Riverdale. A nice place for men to come and relax and watch sexy women dance for them.


notes from GB: Finally! It seems that things are going good between Amos and Nita. She's gotten over her fear of only being attracted to him because of the sex. I have a theory that I'm working on. All the couples and sims in my hood that just hook up, I listen to the sounds they make during woohoo. I've noticed a few things too.

One of my long time married couples when they woohoo in the bed, never do they have fire works and it seems like they never really enjoy each other. You know those overly embellished woohoo sounds. The ones where it sounds like the two got on a thrill ride and it went way out of control. Well that never happens with them.

Then I played a couple that have been married for a while, they dated before they got married. They sex together always ends with fire works in the bed, and if any of you use the Joker's Wild Wild Sex animations or the love rug, then you'll know the sounds I'm talking about. But they always have a positive and enjoyable time together.

And obviously Rupert knows what he's doing because he's never received a bad complaint. LOL

Well, Nita and Amos always have a wonderful time together but the whole reason why they broke up was the fact that she never, and I mean never rolled any wants for Amos except when he was around. And even when he was visiting her those wants for him would happen in spurts.

But now not only does she roll wants for him but she activates a lot of the romantic actions between them now. It no longer feels like a one sided relationship between the two of them, and I'm so happy!

Rupert has finally save up enough money to buy the building to open his night club. So I'm happy for that. But of course he would put women on display. But you can't stop Rupert.


  1. I hope Rupert moves out, I foresee a very tense future in that household.

  2. I agree with Apple Vally, it's going to get VERY tense! I love the idea of the club! I'm thinking of building a shady little bar on the bad side of town that will be own by my Russian mobster lol....did you build the club yourself?

  3. I agree, seems like things are going to get very tense around there if Rupert keeps living there! I'm worried that Amos will find out what happened and break things off with Nita, even if she says it was a one time mistake.

  4. I see Rupert's got a new look to go along with his new club. I like his curly hair better, but maybe he's trying to look more 'professional' or he's just getting older? LOL!

    Where'd you get the stripper pole, girl?! And is that Tosha Go stripping?! I see pigtails! ROFL!

    I love the name of the club and the fact that you even have one is hilarious! I might need something like this for my Jook Joint, which right now is only set up for drinking and smoking suspicous substances. LOL!

    Nita's jumping headfirst into this situation, now there's a baby involved. I hope everything works out, but this is a seriously tense situation. Rupert will move out when he starts making fat cheddar, I'm sure. LOL!

  5. Bwahaha, a strip club is such a perfect business for Rupert! Love it, great idea!

    You must be able to cut the tension in this household with a knife! If I were Nita, I might start pressuring Amos to look for a new place with just them and the baby, though perhaps that itself would raise Amos' suspicions.

  6. Apple Valley, Rupert has his own plans. In some strange way he is trying to get his life together. Nita is just laying low for now. Actually she's busy planning her wedding.

    MizzGin,Yeah it is, but Nita can't act like it is because then Amos will pick up on the negative vibes. Good thing Rupert works at cafe mode during the day and at night he's at his club. So he's not in the apt. much.

    The club is great. I'm having so much fun playing it. LOL You should really try it out!

    Shana, so far Nita hasn't showed any intrest in Rupert even with ACR. I really do believe that she got him out of her system, but time will only tell. Not sure how Rupert's going to act. But he does love his brother so we shall see.

    Simmington Hills, I like his old look too but he really enjoys this one. Maybe he'll go back to his curls at a later date.

    The pole is from Sexy Sims 2, the adult site to MTS. The creator is Hunter something, I can't remember the othe part of his name. Sorry.

    The name I took from an actual strip club here in the da 'burg. LOL I think it's stull open, but its on a main strip that the public bus used to take when I went to school.

    Yes, she now knows that Amos is her One and doesn't see the reason in moving so slow again, plus there is a baby involved.

    Sullivan, I know isn't it! He's been wanting to open one for a looooong time now.

    For now Nita is busy planning her wedding and trying not to think to much about Rupert. Plus, he's so busy with work he's hardly home right now.


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