Friday, September 4, 2009

Shoulder to cry on

December, Winter 2012, Mary Snowden is 19 and Jim Hoyt is 22.


He watches her pace back and forth from the side window next to the door. Mary is livid. She wants to talk, needs to talk, to anyone, to Jim. But she can't. So she starts to pace again, back and forth nibbling on her bottom lip. Finally having enough Jim swings the door open and calls to Mary, getting her attention.

Once inside he gives her the once over. He can see that she's upset, her chest is heaving and her eyes look puffy from crying.

"What's going on? And why are you trying to kill all the grass on my front lawn by stomping all over it?"

Mary blinks. "It's nothing. It's everything... my whole life as I know it is coming to an end," she says.

What, that Marchon go off and sleep with someone?"

This actually causes Mary to laugh. "No, that would be a death sentence for him. But..." she pausing, taking a deep breath. "He totally kissed some slut (click on CPS October 2007)in his school." This time tears slip down her cheeks.

Jim fakes surprise, but inwardly he's cheering. This is excellent new! "I can't believe him!" he says.

Jim pulls Mary in for a comforting hug. "I can't believe he would do something like this... to me."

"It's okay. And I'm sure there is a reason to why he even did it."

Mary hugs him tighter. "Aww, I think it's so sweet that your taking up for him."

Jim only smiles before releasing her. This Marchon is one stupid boy. How could anyone cheat on this beautiful creature standing before him. "Come on I know what will take your mind off of him."

The two settle down on the couch in the lounge and Jim turns the TV on, switching to Lifetime. "All that's missing is the Ben n Jerry's." Mary says.
Jim wishes he did have the ice cream, but this is a guys frat house. There is no place for depression food here, only beer and pizza. But he has a feeling that he's going to need some ice cream soon. He's afraid that he's head over heels in love with Mary.

They sit for a while watching a Nora Robert's movie, it's about two reincarnated lovers from the south. Jim is surprised that it's actually pretty good.
Mary finally breaks the silence. "I thought I was his big bowl of tomato soup. I'm like comfort food, ya know. All warm and good for you. So how come he's not wanting tomato soup, but instead going for a habanero sauce. Why?"

"Well, he is going into politics and you know, that's what politicians do. They were born for cheating."

This angers Mary to no end. (I should point out that Mary on has one nice point, hence the reaction! LOL)
Jim has to contain the smirk that wants to break through. 'Thank you Marchon Cunningham.' He thinks. The stupid boy has made this way to easy for him. If he plays his cards right Mary will be his and he can treat her like the queen that she truly is.
Soon anger turns to tears and Mary starts to cry once again. She stands up and tells him that she has to use the rest room.

Jim's smirk breaks through despite his best efforts at keeping it at bay. He feels awful for Mary but his could hug Marchon himself. But what he really wants to do is make Mary feel better. Watching her cry hurts him a lot.
Ten minutes pass and Mary still hasn't returned so Jim goes looking for her. He finds her in his room, staring out the window.
She knows she probably shouldn't be in here. In fact as she looks around this is her first time in any guys room. And there really isn't much in it.
She laughs looking at Jim. She's seen pictures of Marchon's room, he has posters on the wall, a sports bedspread. She just thought that all guys decorated their rooms like girls did.
She signs plopping down onto his bed. She just can't stop crying. What is she going to do? How could her boyfriend do this to her? Granted, they are a long way away from each other. But they made a promise to each other. You don't see her jumping on random guys and kissing them. She looks up at Jim and starts to cry again.
"Did I do something wrong? What am I going to do?" She asks him.

"You can always get him back. Make it even between the two of you."
Mary is puzzled for a second, then it dawns on her. She laughs. She knows even if she won't admit it to herself that Jim has a crush on her. And she thinks it flattering, but never would she allow it to blossom.
But right now she's not thinking, her mind is swarming with so many things right now. So instead of leaving she only nods her head.

It's all the opening Jim needs. He's been dreaming of this moment ever since he met Mary. He lays her back across the bed. Mary goes to say something but before she does Jim kisses her. And now Mary and Marchon are even.
notes from GB: This all came about because of Simmington Hills. Blame it on her. LOL Once I read her update and Mary received the e-mail from Marchon this mini-update popped into my head. Mary has strong feelings for Jim and Jim is in love with her, so I figured this would work.

Jim is really serious about Mary. After he started lusting over her all of his wants for his girlfriend vanished. He wasn't even in love with her. He rolled the want to fall in love for the first time and he did, with Mary.

Mary has a crush on him but that was it, until he kissed her on the bed. Now she's in love with him as well. *sigh* But as you can see, he wants to get engaged to her, and he fears falling out of love with her. He also wants to study couples counseling. I chalk that up to him knowing she's with Marchon. LOL

I have no idea what's going to happen next. So my guess is as good as yours!


  1. Oooh, juciy stuff. I didn't know that those videos were actually updates, I thought that they were photos of the new school-so thanks for the link. I can't wait until Marchon visits/enrolls, I would love to see how the ACR scores react. If they break up, can S'Ahmisa have a shot at him? I looked at her ACR with Verde and they're one bolt, a measly 9 points! But when that's your only option, you are content.

  2. Oohh, Marchon's gonna have his hands full with this drama! Yeah, Marchon started it with his roaming lips. And AV, sorry you didn't know those slideshows were updates, I did put them under School Sessions. Hope you get a chance to see them.

    I think it's cool that S'Ahmisa wants a crack at Marchon. LOL! S'Ahmisa's gorgeous! But, I don't know...Mary and Marchon are pretty tightly in love. We'll have to see what happens with all this.

  3. Uh-oh! Well, she's even now, but how will Marchon react if he finds out? And I'm eager to find out who she will choose!

  4. I'm eager to see how this plays out as well!

    I forgot to mention, you can unlock that "Get Engaged to Mary" Want. LOL!! *hands on hips* It ain't gonna happen. ROFL!

  5. I'm on the edge of my seat! I thought Mary and Marchon were a sure thing but he might have ruined his chances now!

  6. Apple Valley, Yup those are updates for the schools! And you're welcome for the link!

    Well Marchon is settled in the university and getting into daily campus life.

    Awww, S'Amisha want's to get with Marchon. That's cute, but for right now I think he only has eyes for Mary. But time will tell!

    Simmington Hills, yes, he started all of this with his frisky lips. ROFL! Hey I can leave that locked. You know I don't just fulfill everyones wants. He can dream thoughh.... LOL

    Shana, me too! I can't wait to see how this all unfolds.

    Sullivan, I'm glad your hooked. LOL Yeah, it looks that way doesn't it. But Marchon is a guy. Maybe Mary will cut him some slack.


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