Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You deserve to be happy

Winter, February 2012, Justin Kim 31, Kira is 5 and, Misha is 2.5. Last updated Spring 2010.
(Sharla Ottamas 28 is and Cynthia Kim is 56.)

Misha is the first to rise this day. Normally it's Justin. He's always been an early bird as long as he could remember, but not this morning.

Misha manages to jimmy her way out of her crib. She does this after screaming her head of but no Daddy comes to save her. After breaking free she walks into his bedroom. Seeing that he's still sleep she decides to to keep herself busy by playing in the toilet.

Justin is in the middle of a deep nightmare. He still dreams of the time his Shelby was taken from him due to some mysterious illness. He also fears that Kira will pick up some sickness at school and get sick and die as well. This wakes him up and he hears the baby in the toilet.

It's been almost three years since Shelby's death but things still haven't returned to normal for the Kim household. Well, for Justin and Kira at least.

Misha doesn't remember her mother, she sees the pictures, and her daddy tells her that that's her mommy, but other than that she has no idea who mommy is. She knows he grandma is thought.

Cynthia comes over every other day to help out with the girls. She doesn't mind. This is what she lives for now. Besides, the girls need a female roll model in their lives.

"Don't you think it's time you started dating again?" Cynthia asks Justin once he returns home from work. "The girls need a woman around, Justin. You're a great father, but they need a woman."

Justin sighs placing his hands on his hips. "I'm just not ready, mom. It's too soon."

And it is, for a serious relationship that is. His heart still hasn't healed from Shelby and he's not ready to give himself to another woman. At least not fully. And no one deserves that. If he's going to start seeing women he at least needs to be ready to commit himself.

Plus, he can't even bring himself to remove his promise ring that Shelby gave him. Besides the girls it's the last piece of her that he has. He's not ready to give her up.

"You still young, and so full of life. You need to share that with someone." Justin only give her a look.

"I just want to see you happy, Justin. I want to see you settled and married before I die. Is that too much to ask?" She says.

This causes Justin to laugh. "Mom, you make it sound as if you're going to die soon. I promise when I'm ready to date again, you'll be the first person to know."

The two exchange smiles and a quick hug. Cynthia has to leave. She needs to get those e-mails out to future soccer camp parents. Summer will be quickly approaching and families need time to send in the money for their child.

Sharla drops by later that night. Kira's happy to let her in. She enjoys her visits. Sharla is nice and she shares stories of her baby daughter with Kira.

But Kira just wishes that she doesn't visit so late because soon as she gets there it's time for Kira to go to bed.

Sharla stays a few hours helping Justin work off his sexual frustrations. She doesn't mind. They used to date as teens and he was actually her first love. So she sees it as helping out a friend.

Justin watches her leave from his bedroom window, a small smile playing on his lips. He's thinking back to his mother's words. It's not too much of her to want him to be happy. He does want to be happy, but there are two negatives to that.

One, Shelby is dead. And two, the other woman in the world that could make him happy is taken. Justin sighs, turns off his bedroom light and slips into bed. Maybe one day he will get to be happy.

notes from GB: I can't remember if I ever mentioned to showed that Justin and Sharla dated as teens, but they did. Justin was Sharla's first, but she wasn't his first. He did the did for the first time with some townie teen. I can't remember her name. But he only did it out of hurt. He had asked Sharla to go steady with him three times, each time she turned him down. So he hooked up with the townie in his parent's hot tub. LOL
After that he asked Sharla to go steady again, she said no, but then ACR took over and they had sex. They broke things off right before the headed off to college. They slept together off and on in college but that's also where Justin met Shelby. She was a dormie and they fell in love.
After her death he and Sharla started sleeping together again. She actually started showing up after Misha's birthday. So I had him invite her in and that's how things started back up between them. They are in love but their attraction is in the low 100's. Plus neither roll wants for each other.
As far as Justin's mystery woman. I'll reveal her soon. They have really high bolts for each other. He met her right after college when he was leaving in a smaller place with Shelby before she got pregnant with Kira. They hit it off way back then but never acted on their desires. They still haven't, but he's in love with her.


  1. Keeping us in suspense, eh? I'm dying to find out who the mystery woman is!

  2. Oh, I can't wait to find out who the mystery woman is! I hope Justin gets a chance to be happy one day.

  3. I'm racking my brain trying to figure it out! LOL! It's so sweet how he kept that promise ring from Shelby. Awww.

  4. Awww, this was sad :(

    I actually find it kind of sweet of Sharla to keep him "company" lol!

    It's always neat to see what the premade families get up to in other people's neighborhoods, especially the ones I do play myself :)

  5. Sullivan, No... okay, yes, but just a little. You have seen the woman, but it was before they discovered theri attraction to one another.

    Simmington, you'll find out who she is soon enought. Yeah, he can'r bring himself to remove the ring. He still loves Shelby. :(

    Laura, LOL Me too, since she's always walking past his house. She lives in the burbs and he's in the city. So she's walking a looong way. LOL

    Yes it is. I love watching what other players get those families into!


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