Saturday, September 5, 2009

She had a slumber party

Winter, January 2012, Kristin Sanches is 58, Danny is 59 and, Brooke is 13.
(Cameron Kim, Suni Ramaswami and, Sarah Corbin are 14 and Bri Shanan is 12.)

Friday night finally comes and Brooke can't wait for her guests to arrive. She calls Cameron to she when she's coming. The girl tells her that she's about to come back now she can't since Brooke called her. Brooke sighs before telling Cameron to hurry up, then she hangs up the phone.

Cameron, Suni and, Sarah all show up on time, but there is still one girl that hasn't. Brooke hopes she's still coming. She really wants her here.

"I just don't think I study hard enough. I mean, my brother, he had like four scholarships by the time he was in ninth grade. I only have one. One! What am I doing wrong?" Suni asks, not really expecting an answer.

"Don't worry about it. You have three more years to get those extra scholarships. Besides, your parents have money so they'll pay your way regardless." Brooke says, trying to make her friend feel better.

"What?!? What, you think I should just really on my parents money not my brains? What, I'm to stupid to get anymore scholarships other than the one I have now?"

Brooke looks down at her fingernails. "Chill, Suni. I was just trying to tell you not to stress over this. Lighten up."

Suni closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "I just... I want those scholarships. But I think you're right. I might be obsessing over this a bit too much."

"Look, tonight is about fun. So lets just focus on having fun, okay?" Suni smiles and nods her head. Fun, she can do that!

The girls sit down to dinner. Brooke has to roll her eyes as she over hears Cameron and Suni's conversation.

"Seriously, play me a song on the worlds smallest violin, Suni. I'm sick of hearing how angry you are with Lilly and AJ. Get over it already. You have a way hot boyfriend now who is totally into you. Get over yourself and move on!"

Suni bites her tongue. With a friend like Cameron who needs enemies. She's supposed to have her side, let her cry on her shoulder. But all Cameron ever does, has ever done, is bite her head off. Sometimes Suni wonders why she is even friends with Cameron. She's such a bitch.

Bri Shahan (Burrego) finally shows up after dinner. Her excuse being she had to wait until her dad got off of work to drive her over. Her mom's morning sickness has started early and she stays in bed all the time. Cameron not really caring suggests everyone dace to work off the weight from the dinner. Hearing about one of those baby friends so isn't her thing.

The girls finally retreat to Brooke's bedroom where they start of game of truth or dare. "Truth or dare?" Cameron asks Brooke.

"Truth," Brooke says.

Cameron smirks before asking her question. "What does Eddie look like naked?" All the girls start to giggle and Bri gasps in shock.

Brooke rolls her eyes. "We haven't done anything other than make out. But from what I get a glimpse of here and there I'm pretty sure he looks like a statue, all chiseled and hard. You know, from all that soccer." Everyone starts to giggle again.

"Okay, my turn." Brooke says. She turns to Sarah. "Truth or dare." Of course Sarah takes truth. "Who do you have the hots for in the school?"

Sarah blushes a bit. "Well there's actually two. One is Marcus Brooks. He's really cute and the other is Viggo Kim." Every one's eyes snap to Cameron.

She laughs. "Too bad for you but Viggo is mine. We haven't made it known yet, but we are seeing each other."

Sarah's smile fades a bit which causes Cameron to smile even more. "But good luck with Marcus. Maybe you could bring him out of his shell."

Sarah turns to Suni. "Truth or dare, Suni?"

"Dare!" Suni says, but before Sarah can offer up her dare Suni has one of her own. "I have the perfect dare. I can get a can and go to the university sneak into AJ's dorm room and take something, like his school books or something."

After it's in the air the idea doesn't sound as good as it had in her head. But it would be really nice just to see AJ again. Just a peek.

Cameron rolls her eyes and waves her hand in the air. "Oh. My. Simgod. You are a total lost cause. What the heck is your malfunction. Could you be more Fatal Attraction? Get over it. AJ dumped your ass. He's with Lilly 'cause he doesn't want you!"

Suni fights back the tears. She really hates Cameron at this point. Plus, she feels really stupid because on some level, Cameron is right. She really needs to move on from AJ. She had a new boyfriend and she should focus on him instead of the minute possibility of AJ taking her back.

After that truth or dare is over. Cameron and Brooke are in the corner giggling about something and Sarah watches them. She thought Cameron was stuck on herself but tonight she's really seeing the girl for who she really is tonight.

How could anyone treat their so called best friend in the manner that she had with Suni? Cameron Smith was an evil person and someone needed to put her in her place.

Cameron pulls Suni to the side. "Look, I know I can be harsh and stuff. But really, it's for your own good. You need to quit doing this to yourself. AJ is a jerk and Oliver isn't. Be happy you have him. Be happy with yourself. You're better than AJ Christian."

Suni smiles. See, these are the moments that remind her why she is friends with Cameron. When the girl acts like she has a soul she can be really sweet.

In response Suni grabs one of the pillows laying in the hall way and hits Cameron with it. Cameron laughs before grabbing one of her own pillows. The rest of the girls break out into a massive pillow fight, which wakes up Brooke's parents. Danny orders all the girls to bed.

The next day Edward Jr. drops by and Brooke finally introduces him to her parents. She's nervous since they normally hang out after school. She joined the year book club as a cover to make out with Eddie behind the gym bleachers after school. Kristin is really taken with him. He's such a handsome young man, and very polite too.
"So, I was thinking that me and Eddie could go to that park." Kristin sighs.
"You know you're not allowed to date until your fifteen, Brooke."
"But why? It's not like we're going to do anything. All I want to do is hang out... at the park!"
"You should be happy that we even dropped it from sixteen to fifteen. You have so much time to grow up. Enjoy being young, Brooke. Go say goodbye to Edward. You have homework to finish."
Brooke hates her mom right now. She is so mean. Why can't she date? All her friends are dating, and this sneaking around is really getting old.

"I can't go to the park," she says.

Edward pulls her into a hug and kisses the tip of her nose. "Don't worry, I'll see you after school on Monday anyway." He says.

Brooke smiles. And he's right, she will see him. And even if they have to sneak around until she's fifteen she's willing to do it for him.

Maybe she can convince Kristin and Danny to let her attend soccer camp in the summer. That's two whole weeks with Eddie and no parents.

He pulls her in for a kiss goodbye. Every time they kiss it's like it's their first time. It sets butterflies off in her stomach and makes her palms sweat all at the same time. And ever since Cameron asked her last night about what Edward looks like naked she can't get the thought out of her head. So maybe it is a good thing that they can't be totally alone yet. Hormones are a strange thing.

notes from GB: Not much happened with the Sanchez's this round other than Brooke's sleep over. I know that's Eddie and Brooke's first kiss. But in my head they have been sating since October and seeking around with each other. Kristin and Danny have set rules, no dating until fifteen. So Brooke has to come up with creative ways to see Edward.
And they are really horny for each other. LOL They only have one bolt for each other but I'm always canceling the woohoo option for them. Soon as he comes to visit (which is a lot) they both get the "relax" icon and I have to cancel it. When he came over for the update they almost did do it. I had left them on the front lawn talking to have Kristin make lunch and Danny was playing golf, and the next thing I know they are laying in bed making out. So after that I had her say good bye to him. Those silly kids. Seriously, they are only 13. I'll make them wait a bit longer.
As for Bri, I messed up her age in the last few posts. I told you I was way ahead in my game play and I forgot that I was so far behind in updating, so she is not 13 yet she is still 12.

And poor Suni, she's still rolling wants for AJ. Even though she had Oliver have started dating. Yes, I may not show ALL of my game play, but I do play "behind the scenes." They started dating back when school started. He asked her to go steady too. So she rolls wants between him and AJ. It makes me laugh. But I feel so bad for her. AJ really burnt her bad. But she's moving on.


  1. This was so fun to read! I loved it. The truth or dare game was so spot-on for girls that age!

    I feel bad for Suni, the poor thing, especially seeing Cameron was being such a cow to her most of the night! I hope she can get over AJ because it's obviously not going to happen between them.

  2. Don't you miss those days of slumber parties and true or dare? *sigh*

    I feel for Suni too, but she really needs to move on. It's funny how certain sims react. I thik she's one of my fisrt sims to still carry a flame for an ex this long. And Cameron, I have no words for her. LOL I think in her mind she really is doing her frined a favor.

  3. Aww truth or dare used to be so much fun! You took me way back!

    Cameron's the one that needs to chill out. She's grating on my nerves. LOL! Suni will get it together, she was really hurt and embarassed. That takes awhile to get over.

  4. Poor Suni. I guess it takes some people a really long time to get over it and move on. Cameron cracks me up, though she can be really harsh at times.

  5. Simmington, Really? I love Cameron. You should hear her inside of my head. She cracks me up. But yeah, she can be a bit harsh, but that's just her. Suni will get better it's just taking her longer than normal.

    Shana, yeah, Suni has been hurt and it's taking her a while to move past this. But hopfully Oliver will help her. Glad you like Cameron. LOL


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