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UoR: Spring Break 2011

Spring, April 2001, Harvis, Mary, Nora, Danny, Ye, AJ and Lilly are 19 Marchon is 18.

May knew he was coming she even offered to pick him up at the airport but he refused. So when she returns from her afternoon classes and finds Marchon standing in the great room she can't believe it.

He's actually here! In the flesh. So on impulse she throws herself into his arms. He catches her with little effort and he can't wipe the silly grin off of his face. She was all that he could think about the whole flight. And now he has her in his arms.

Mary finally jumps down from Marchon's arms and readjusts her dress. They finally get a good look at each other. Pictures are good, but they do neither of them justice. And it's clear that they both like what they see!

Marchon can't contain himself any long and he grabs Mary and kisses her. And it's magic. He hates to even compare her to Erline Valdes, but he finds himself doing just that. But the kiss that he shared with his classmate doesn't stand up to kiss his girl. His Mary. And he really wishes that he never kissed Erilne now.

Mary's eyes flutter closed as soon as Marchon leans in for the kiss. She's been waiting for it for a long time now. And it's wonderful. Every bit of what she imagined and more. His lips are smooth like velvet and his tongue has the faint hint of peppermints. Mary wraps her arms around him righter, extending the kiss.

"I'm so happy you're here. I have my boyfriend and my best friend with me now!" Mary says smiling. "And huge bonus, we get to go on spring break together!"

Marchon agrees. He's still floating on the high of just being in Riverdale. Being with Mary. Someone pinch him, because he still can't believe it.

Ye just doesn't understand why Nora doesn't want to be with him. She tells him she's enjoying her freedom but she keeps sending him mixed messages. He looks towards Lilly for help, but she's to busy stuffing her face.
One minute they are in the hot tub getting hot and heavy.

And the next he's fawning over her in the cafeteria as she eats. He just doesn't get it.

Nora watches the newly united couple dance. She wants to find love like what Marchon and Mary have. But she knows it's not Ye and she also knows with this extra weight it's going to be hard to find someone.

Harvis still hasn't found love and he still hasn't found any alien space ships either. He's starting to feel that both a love life and meeting family from space are not going to happen.
With a heavy sigh he moves and focusing his telescope on a new location. Maybe getting away from a bit will help him. Spring break is starting to look better and better the more he thinks about it.
"I've search and search and I still haven't found a thing. I know that they are out there but where do I look?" Harvis discuses his situation with Marchon. The two have started to hit things off.

"I don't know man. I wish I could give you more, you just have to keep at it. Don't give up. Because if those aliens are out there like you say, then eventually you'll find them."
Harvis nods. Marchon is right. But maybe he needs something, something to get their attention. Maybe he needs a better telescope!
After Marchon leave Mary marches into Harvis and AJ's room and give him a piece of her mind. The boy is perplexed as to what he has done to deserve her wrath. And of course Mary isn't telling him either. (Seriously, I have no idea why she attacked him. All I know is she has 100 negative friendship with him, but there is no memory of what he or she has done for this reaction. Strange sims. LOL)

Finally spring break! And the fun and romance has started early for Harvis. Nora gives him a friendly kiss welcoming him to the tropical climate of Florida. She giggles saying she's always wanted to do that. She hopes that one day she'll be able to visit Twikki Island and experience the natives and their rituals in the flesh.
Sadly, Harvis thought she was flirting with him. So when he goes and tries to flirt back Nora shoots him downs. "What kind of girl do you take me for?!" she shouts before storming off. (Yes, Nora has packed on the Freshman 15. She is my first college student to gain weight since Mansur.)

Danny isn't feeling so hot. He thought that it was plane sickness, since he hasn't been on a plane since his family took a vacation to Three Lakes when he was still a child. But it wasn't, he caught a nasty cold. He just hopes no one else gets sick.

Mary is still pissed with Harvis and they get into a slap fight.

To everyone surprise, especially hers, Mary is beaten by Harvis. She has maxed body points he has like four, how in the Simworld did he beat her?
Mary storms off! He is so going on her "Hit" list. Which means she is black listing him from all social events on campus until they graduate!

Marchon marches over to Harvis. "Dude, that was not cool. You don't put your hands on my girl."
Harvis is pissed off as well and wants to hear non of this. "Then tell your girl to keep her hands to herself. She needs to learn some respect."
Marchon isn't sure what comes over him, but all he sees is red. He thought Harvis was cool, but no real man will lay a hand on a woman no matter how mad she makes him.

And seeing his girl hurting, that was the last straw. Marchon grabs a half filled glass of water from a nearby table and throws it in Havis's face.

Mary watches the whole thing, a smile forming on her lips. Her boo is defending her honor. "You are so sweet." She says. Marchon's chest puffs up with pride.

They thought they loved each other before they met, but now, they know that they really do love one another.
They head for their room and Marchon offers to rub Mary down. Her shoulders are so tense. She agrees gladly accepting his magic touch. Soon things heat up and they do a little fooling around.

And Mary can do nothing but think not only about Marchon's magic hands but his tongue as well! (side note: remember her thought bubble okay? it will all make sense later, I promise!)

"I can't believe he beat you. I can't believe he would even fight a chick." Lilly says.

"For real though. Next time it's on. I'm not going to let him beat me again. OMG, really, how does that look? I'm like maxed out in body and I got stopped on my a nerd!" Mary is not happy.
All that teasing could only lead to one place and Mary and Marchon consummate their relationship.

Afterwards the two cuddle. Marchon is sleep before Mary. She lays there listening to him breath and smiles. They've talked about this moment so much and waited so long.
She' glad that it lived up to what she imagined. She sighs with contentment. She had a whole life time of being with him like this. She can't wait.

The next morning after a morning quickie Lilly dashes to the bathroom making it the toilet just in time. "Ugh!" she thinks. "Danny is in soooo much trouble!"

Nora too makes a mad dash to the bathroom. It seems Danny's small cold has spread.

While Nora is barfing up her previous night's meal Danny is standing outside her door debating whether or not to knock. He is so in love with her, has been since high school.
He really wants to tell her, but he's not sure how she will react. So instead of knocking he walks back to his room. He really isn't feeling that good. (I ended up sending them back to uni. only two days into their spring break. Almost everyone got sick thanks to Danny. I hate sick sims.)

Lilly is still sick a few days later and it's a shame too. She and AJ can't get their freak on. Has she mentioned just how much she hates being sick? Well she does, hate it I mean.
Marchon tells Mary for the billionth time just how much he loves her. She tells him that she knows and that she loves him too. Though it looks like she's pissed off about his declaration but she's not.

Harvis is the reason why she's looking like that. Not only is she still mad at him but he stinks as well. LOL
notes from GB: So I had a lot planned for their spring break but everyone got sick either on vacation or right after they returned home. *sigh* And both couples Mary and Marchon, and Lilly and AJ were going at it like sex was going out of town. Horny young adults. LOL
As with Nora she packed on the pounds. All those late night junk food eating while mending a broken heart caught up with her. But she is still lusting over Castor *rolleyes* Seriously, she roll wants to flirt with him, dance with him, ask out on a date. But the funny think is they only have a friendship score of 6. 6 and yet she wants him. Their attraction is around 100 though, so I think that's why she's rolling so many wants for him.
Remember Mary only has one nice point and I have no idea what Harvis did to her but she HATES him. I mean HATES him. And it's sad because they were close friends about to become best friends. Oh well.


  1. How weird about Mary and Harvis! Sims really do have minds of their own.

    Mary and Marchon finally united! They've been waiting so long! Did you just borrow him for spring break or is he in for a longer stay?

  2. OMG!! My baaaby!!! He's all grown up! *cries* Marchon is attending UoR so he's there for the long haul, until graduation.

    *gushes* They look so cute together, OMG! *dances* I'm just SO happy to see them! They've finally met in person and everything is going so perfectly for them. I can't get over how he looks now. I keep seeing him as that little toddler in my game. *smiles* I know I'm sounding so cheezy right now, but I'm super happy. Great update! My eyes were all on them, I can hardly say anything about anybody else. I'm sorry they all got sick, though. :P

  3. How bad does it suck to be sick on spring break?! Mary and Harvis, wow.......sims are so weird sometimes aren't they? But Mary and Marchon really do make a cute couple!

  4. Aw, I'm glad Mary and Marchon were finally able to meet and are in love. Mary and Harvis fighting was hilarious, but wow, I wonder what happened to cause that? Sims can be crazy sometimes!

    Too bad everyone got sick on spring break. :(

  5. Carla, Marchon is in Riverdale for school. So he will be there until graduation. Sims are so strange at times. I wish I could figure out what happened between them for her to be so mad.

    Simmington, I am so happy too! You know I couldn't take my eyes off of them either. I'm glad things are wroking out between them!

    MizzGin, tell me about it. I mean they all got sick either on vacation or as soon as they returned to campus. I was so mad. But now everyone is better again.

    Shana, M&MI am happy. LOL But now I want candy. I wish I could figure out what happened between Mary and Harvis. Maybe one day I'll find out. Those though bubbles have to give me a hint... right? LOL

  6. Whoa, Mary and Harvis...I'll be. Maybe she said something about his alien ancestors?


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