Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy New Year 2012

December, Winter 2011/2012, Bell Burrego and Brad Patrelli are both 23.
(Ariel Burrego, Eva Brooks and Tina Traveller are 23. Davon Christian is 20. Zac Burrego is 52 and Jodi Burrego is 51.)

It's Bell and Brad's house that friends and family gather at to ring in the new year. And Bell's excited. This is her first time being a hostess as well as having a large group in her home. She's finding that she likes it and makes a mental note to throw more parties in the future.

She also decides to prank her sister and nail her with a water balloon.

Ariel laughs and get her sister back with a joy buzzer.

The girls giggle. It fun to visit past times that you shared as kids. They really do need to start spending more time together.

It just seems that after Ariel had her son she became more serious, focusing all of her energy on Alex and Bret. But she promises her twin that she will make more time for her.

This pleases Bell. She really has missed Ariel. And she also makes a vow to herself never to have children. She likes being free and able to do what she wants when she wants. And kids will only hinder that.

Doing what she wants also means pranking her mother as well.

Jodi isn't to amused by it though.

Tina Traveller wasn't even sure if she was coming to the party, but since she lives right across the hall from Brad and Bell she figures it would be rude not to come. So she comes, and she runs into Bart Ottamas.

And despite what she told him as well as Richard back in college, she finds that she misses him. She misses Bart a lot. She thinks that she may love him as well. The though scares her, so she gets up and grabs another beer. Love or not, she's staying single for a long time.

It seems that Zac Burrego has had one to many drinks and decides to strip in his daughter's bath room to pleasure himself.

And it's not his wife that's got him all hot and bothered! Well, at least he's keeping it to his head and hand and not trying to cheat.

Ariel and Davon Christian get into it. They might have had too much to drink as well.

Bell sits on the couch and watches as the ball count down begins. She laughs to herself, maybe Ariel shouldn't drink so much then she wouldn't have tired to kiss Davon. he ball drops and New York erupts in "Happy New Year!" Everyone in the apartment cheers and screams as well. Welcome to the new year of 2012.
notes from GB: You know I just realized that that's AJ not Davon. Ops. Bell invited the wrong Christian boy. See this is what I get for playing this update at 5 in the morning and sleepy. I never noticed it even when she was calling to invite everyone to the party. *sigh* So just act like that Davon.
Now it all clicks. I was wondering why he and Eva weren't their normal all over each other selves. Now I know. LOL


  1. LOL! Bless your heart, well, that's an easy mistake. I'm blushing over Zac Burrego and what I THINK he was doing. Craaazy!LOL! What a memorable New Year's Eve Party, right?! It looks like everybody had a good time, though. I hope Bell and Ariel will start making time for each other. Being a twin myself, I know how strong that bond is.

  2. You thought right! LOL He was having some self fun in the bathroom. Joke's wild sex animations. Girl, I LOVE this mod! LOL Yes, everyone had an awesome time. I want Ariel and Bell to spend more time together as well. They were close as kids, but once they were teens not so much. So hopefully now that they are older things will change.

  3. What are these animations you keep talking about? I saw you mention them in another update. I'm so innocent of all these adult things you can get for the game but I'm constantly amazed by them! Whatever they are, Zac is certainly enjoying them! Not exactly appropriate behaviour at a party though!

    I usually write my updates really late at night and when I wrote the last Cordy and Eliot update, I kept referring to Eliot as Luc. Which would be very wrong, seeing that's her brother! I managed to catch it before I published, thankfully! It happens to all of us!

  4. I actually found the Joker's animations from Simology, I think Sleepy Cat was talking about them. Of ocurse you have to have an account to download them:

    The love rug comes from Sexy Sims 2, which you'll have to have an account for too:

    I also have the woohoo anywhere mod from XXXSims, with an update for it from Sleepy Cat at the Crazy Town forum. You'll need an accout there too:

    I'm happy I'm not the only one. LOL At least it was easy to get AK and Davon mixed up. LOL They look alike and their hair styles are close together as well.

  5. Gosh, they have everything for this game, don't they?! LOL. I think I have tried the love rug before, though it's not in my game right now. Thanks for the links, I'll have to have a look.

    Yeah, I have no such excuse for mixing up Luc and Eliot, apart from the fact that I'm so used to writing "Luc and Cordy" and "Cordy and Luc"!

  6. I hope Zac remembered to lock the door when he went in there, LOL! Those New Year's parties get pretty crazy around your hood, don't they? ;)

  7. Eww, Zac...I also hoped he locked the door. I must say, Zac and Jodi look great to be in their 50s. Wow. Jolie and Jodi still need to have that sisters getaway trip.

  8. Sullivan, You're very welcome and yes, it seems that they do have everything for our game. LOL It spices it up!

    Shana, I hope he locked the door too! But I think he did since no one walked in on him. LOL

    It does seem like my sims new years parties get pretty wild.

    Apple Valley, They do look good for their ages. But they are both into fitness so maybe that plays a paart. ;) Yes, they do need to get away. Maybe they'll be able to do something soon.


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